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Cedar Mountain Snowmobiling

Cedar Mountain has gained national recognition for the wide variety of groomed trails for snowmobiling in the area. As soon as the powdery base gets to 24” of snow, the fun times begin for snowmobile riders. Utah names their snowmobile trail systems as “complexes” for the winter recreation. Visitors better know the Cedar Mountain/East Fork Complex as Duck Creek. The small alpine town sits 30 miles from Cedar City in the heart of many of the trails, making it an ideal location to rent a vacation home in Duck Creek Village, and enjoy your winter adventures. The trails that go in and out of town range from wide and flat, to steep and meandering, making it perfect for all skill levels to pursue. The complex varies in elevations from 8,000 ft to over 10,000 ft above sea level, so the snow is always plentiful. Due to prevailing winter winds, some snowdrifts can even range in depths of 10-20 ft. The fantastic part of staying in Duck Creek Village is that all types of trails can be easily accessed. Trails are available for riding taking you from the center of town all the way to Brian Head Ski Area; Cedar Breaks National Monument; and even to overlooks of Zion National Park.

Visitors wanting to experience the thrill of snowmobile riding will find both Duck Creek Village and Brian Head Ski Area, excellent locations to stay. Snowmobile rentals are available in both towns for those without their own. Rentals are very popular, so be sure to check ahead to confirm availability. Guided tours are also a great option for riders of all abilities, which want to explore the area with an expert. Lodging is also readily available with both Brian Head vacation rentals and Duck Creek Village cabin rentals throughout the area. Many of the rentals available offer ample parking for trailers and ATVs, as well as plowed and maintained roads to the cabin rentals themselves. Duck Creek Village not only offers Snowmobile rentals, but also snowmobile repair and services. Both towns have gas stations, restaurants and shopping. For Brian Head Snowmobile/ATV rentals For Duck Creek Snowmobile/ATV rentals

The groomed trail systems in the Cedar Mountain/East Fork Complex are highly regarded by both experienced and inexperienced riders. With the diversity of the trails, the scenery and experience is pretty unique to each trail. Click here to find maps and more information on the trails listed below
Strawberry Point Trail (9 miles) is a flat and wide trail for the most part. The last couple of miles of the trail take you up a steep and narrow ascension to the lookout at the top of

Strawberry Point. It is a spectacular panoramic views of the snow-frosted red rock formations, and Zion National Park.

Navajo Lake Trail (9.2 miles) is also a flat/wide trail that takes you past this large frozen lake. You may be able to spot ice fisherman huddled around the ice holes in the lake. You have the option to take an un-groomed trail spur that leads to access to Cascade Falls and the frozen waterfall.

Duck Creek Trail (14.5 miles) is a narrower trail than most. It takes you through forested pines and also across open meadows. The trail takes you to the Midway Valley to the north, or Strawberry Point to the south. The trail does see lots of use, thanks to the access to town. It may be well traveled, but there are also plenty of play areas that you can access along the way.

Brian Head Trail (9 miles) takes riders to a peak 11,000 ft in elevation. The mountain views and vistas are a sight to behold, as it runs along the course of Highway 143. This trail leads to the town of Brian Head and the Brian Head Ski Area. There is quite a selection of side loops or “spurs” that allow for even more exploration of the area. There are also many areas to stop for snow play along the way. This trail is ideal for visitors to both Duck Creek and Brian Head, as it takes you from one town to the next.

Lars Fork Trail (6.9 miles) is one of the most scenic trails of the complex, as it has a variety of pullouts with views overlooking Zion National Park and the Virgin River Valley. The trail is ideal for riders of all abilities thanks to the mild grades of the path. This trail is a must for all riders.

Cedar Breaks Trail (8.9 miles) is one of the better-groomed trails in the complex. When the road to Cedar Breaks National Monument closes to regular traffic due to heavy snowfall, the road and parking areas become a very popular trail for snowmobiles. The park has stunning views of the towering red rocks topped in bright white snow. The trail is easily accessed from the Midway Trailhead (at the junction of Hwy 14 & Hwy 148), or from the Mammoth Summit Trailhead (off of Hwy 143).

Safety should always be a top priority for all riders. No one under the age of 8 is permitted to operate a snowmobile. Education certificates are issued by the Utah Division of Parks and Rec ( ) for youth ages 8 through 15. Persons 16 years of age or older must hold a valid drivers license or the previously mentioned education certificate. Be sure to give the right of way to uphill bound traffic on trails. For more information on snowmobile regulations visit Make sure to wear warm layers, and waterproof boots for your riding adventures. Cell reception in the area is pretty bad, so make sure that your group has a game plan set with times and places that people are going. Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting things you can do in Utah, so don’t hesitate to ask the locals where the best spots to try are!

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